Allergies & Trauma

Stuart Dole, 2002, photo by Krishna Dole


I have been certified in basic and advanced NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique). This technique uses a combination of acupressure and muscle testing to relieve the symptoms of allergies. I've found that NAET is very effective in many situations -- I attribute it to literally saving a dear friend's life. In this context, the word allergy is used slightly differently than in medicine -- here it means any kind of sensitivity, such as things like:

A course of NAET therapy may involve many weekly sessions, each one clearing a particular sensitivity (or "combination"), which have a cumulative effect on well being and overall health. In general, I've found that about 80% of those who stick with the program experience noticable improvement. Many experience a complete remission of symptoms.

While I did complete both levels of the NAET practitioner training and receive certification, I have not pursued further training and recertification beyond that. However, I have used NAET on a number of clients, with good success.


A related technique, TAT, is remarkably effective for dealing with the emotional effects of past trauma. Interestingly, it is also about as effective with allergies as NAET, and it's much simpler. An added advantage of TAT is that it is easy to teach the client to do for themselves -- I like it especially because of this.

Call if you are interested in more information on either of these -- I'm more than happy to talk about them, or you can check the above links for the "official" websites.

Viruses and Other Stuff

Lately I've discovered another related technique that seems to be effective on viruses -- and many other conditions. I've used it on colds and flu. It's called "Immunics", and the best thing I can do is simply refer you to their web site! While much of the website is password protected, you can view the basic instructions for free. And the password is not very expensive -- I'm happy I got one. There is an enormous amount of material there for self healing. I've explored only a tiny fraction of it.