Stuart R Dole, Ph.D. Picture of Stuart Dole, taken at a photo-shoot in 2003

This is a brief introduction to some of the things I do; a little about me. Contact information is below. Besides the things described below and on the linked pages, I help conduct workshops (see the schedule), and volunteer for environmental work.

Schedule & Events

Currently (early 2015) I'm co-hosting a Metaphysical Salon at EoMega, and a monthly Open Shamanic Drumming Circle.

Check out our site for other events, classes, and happenings. Sign up for the email list there too.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

This is my blog - come browse!

Bodywork and Massage

I've had extensive training and experience in several styles of bodywork and massage:

I am not currently offering massage and bodywork to the public, unfortunately.

Allergies & Trauma

I am a certified NAET and TAT practitioner. These techniques can help alleviate some of the symptoms of allergies:

Shamanic Work and Spiritual Healing

I have many years of practice in shamanic work and spiritual healing:


From time to time, I offer meditation classes in Santa Rosa. Monday evenings, 7:30 to 9:00, at our home. We meet for an hour (or so) of spiritual talk, followed by a half hour of practice. Call (or email) for the current schedule.

Technical and Scientific Consulting

I have worked in the sciences and software engineering since 1978, when I earned my Ph.D. in biophysics from UC Berkeley. I've had extensive experience with designing, creating, managing, and maintaining large technical projects, particularly where software needs to closely support underlying physics and biology.


Here's a link to some personal things that may be of interest.

I live in Santa Rosa with my wife, Anne Hatfield:

Anne Hatfield & Stuart Dole
1026 Rubicon Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95401 USA
(Updated January 16, 2015)